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Emergency Closing of Schools
When are schools closed?

Schools are closed when road conditions are unsafe due to snow, ice, or flooding. Schools may also be closed due to failure of mechanical or electrical equipment, heating, fuel shortages, epidemics, or other circumstances having to do with health safety, and welfare of students.

How are students and parents notified when schools are closed?

The following radio and television stations are called to announce when schools are closed:

If there are no announcements on radio or TV station, schools will be open.

Must all schools in the county be closed for an emergency situation?

No. Schools may be closed individually. However, in most cases all schools are closed at the same time because many students transfer from bus-to-bus for special education classes or programs at the Vocational-Technical Center. Also, extreme weather conditions usually affect most of the county

Who has the authority to decide whether or not a bus driver will make a run?

Since a decision must be made at an early hour, and weather conditions can change dramatically by the time school begins, bus drivers have the authority to make a second decision on each route if the road appears to be unsafe. The bus driver notifies the supervisor and other drivers, and the children served by that run whenever possible.

If a bus does not run a particular part of its route, will the students on that part of the route be excused?

Parents should write a note to the principal stating that the bus did not run. The driver will sign the note, and the student should then take the note to school office for an excuse.

Do parents play a role in the decision to send their children to school?

Yes. Parents play an important part in the decision. If parents feel that their children should not ride the bus due to weather conditions, they may keep them at home. When the children return to school, they should have a note from the parent stating the circumstances. The children will then receive an excused absence. This situation should not happen often, as our drivers will not run when they feel it is unsafe to be transporting students.

What should parents do to assist school authorities in emergency situations?

If a bus cannot deliver a child to the home bus stop because of road conditions, how will parents know the status of their child?

School Board policy prohibits a bus driver from putting a child off the bus at any stop other than the child's school or requires the driver to contact the parents to make other mutually agreed-upon decisions.

Will school ever be called off at an earlier time?

Once children get to the safety of a school, it is usually better to keep them all day so highway crews can treat the roads. However, in emergency situations, children will be sent home as soon as possible.

Are there emergency plans for keeping children at school if conditions prevent them from getting home?

Yes. The principals and designated members of the school staff, in a cooperative effort with the Superintendent of Schools, will mobilize resources to enable emergency feeding and housing of students should circumstances require an overnight stay at school.

How are days made up that are lost because of school closings?

The school calendar provides for specific make-up days for full-day school closings. Announcements will be made at school about make-up days.

What about afternoon runs?

When a bus fails to make a morning run due to bad weather or emergency conditions, that bus will not run in the afternoon either, unless the road conditions have improved to where the driver feels it is safe to transport students. If you arrange for your own transportation to school in the morning, you should also arrange for transportation home in the afternoon.

You may click on http://wvde.state.wv.us/closings/county/all/ for all state-wide county school closing information.