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  • COVID-19 in Roane County

    Under an announcement by WV Governor Jim Justice, for the weeks of January 4 and January 11, 2020, Roane County will be in "remote learning" - meaning no in-person instruction will be offered and all students will instead be in distance learning. We anticipate offering in-person learning again beginning Tuesday, January 19.

    COVID-19 Resources

    CDC information on COVID-19

    WV DHHR COVID-19 Dashboard

    Harvard Global Health Institute Key Metrics for COVID Suppression


    Exposure and Testing

    Quarantine and Isolation

    WVDE Guidance on COVID Outbreaks in Schools

    Exposure to COVID-19 at School

    Exposure Guidelines

    If you are exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19 , you may asked to quarantine for 14 days as a precaution. Our exposure guidelines will help you understand what level exposure is possible and what you may be asked to do in each case.

    COVID-19 Exposure Guidelines

    Confirmed Positive Cases in Our Schools

    The following is a summary of confirmed positive cases related to our schools. Cases involving staff and in-person learners are listed. Cases involving distance learners, children who are taught via home instruction, or school-age children enrolled in schools outside of Roane County are not included in these data.

    Incident ID 2020-09-28-SES

    Incident ID 2020-10-02-RCHS

    Incident ID 2020-10-06-SMS

    Incident ID 2020-10-08-SMS

    Incident ID 2020-10-08-RCHS

    Incident ID 2020-10-11-GEMS

    Incident ID 2020-10-25-RCHS-1

    Incident ID 2020-10-25-RCHS-2

    Incident ID 2020-10-25-SES

    Incident ID 2020-10-30-RCHS

    Incident ID 2020-11-03-RCHS

    Incident ID 2020-11-17-SMS-1

    Incident ID 2020-11-17-SMS-2

    Incident ID 2020-11-19-TRANS

    Incident ID 2020-12-03-WEMS

    Incident ID 2020-12-07-RCHS

    Incident ID 2020-12-10-BOE

    Incident ID 2020-12-13-BOE

    Incident ID 2021-01-27-WEMS