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  • As we plan for our re-entry to schools for the 2020-21 school year, this page will show the most up-to-date information we have. Of course, that information may change and change often, so check back periodically for answers to your questions.

    Partnership with Roane General Hospital Announced

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    In approving its plan to re-open schools on Tuesday, September 8, the Roane County Board of Education on Thursday welcomed community partners Roane General Hospital to form a critical link between the school system and local health care providers. School statewide were closed by order of Governor Jim Justice on March 13, 2020.

    Through this partnership, Roane General Hospital will stand up rural health clinics in each of Roane County’s five public schools to support school staff in screening and education on CoViD-19 related issues, as well as facilitate on-site isolation, evaluation, and, with parental consent, testing and treatment. 

    School to Resume September 8

    Under the directive issued by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice on Wednesday, July 8, schools across the state will resume instruction for students on Tuesday, September 8.

    Teachers and staff are working throughout the summer to prepare for this return to school, including efforts to improve distance learning options; developing strategies to more efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize school restrooms, classrooms, and other common spaces; and planning schedules and class lists to encourage social distancing and safe learning environments for all Roane County students.

    Should we be required to change this plan at an individual school or across the county, we will utilize a color-coded alert system to quickly and efficiently inform our students, teachers, support staff, and the public.

    This color-coded system is based on work by the Harvard Global Health Institute, and labels counties green, yellow, orange, or red, depending on the weekly average of new CoViD-19 cases. Green is best with very little if any new cases, while red indicates a large number of cases. You can view the map for the entire United States here -

    If Roane County were to rate as "orange," athletic contests would be cancelled but practices could continue.

    If Roane County were to rate as "red," all schools would transition to remote learning and all extracurricular activities would be cancelled.

    "Green" and "yellow" are cautionary levels only.

    Options for Student Learning

    While we are planning for the re-opening of schools for in-person learning on September 8, students will be provided with other options to engage in learning if their families do not feel safe sending them to school.

    All options provide learning opportunities for students while allowing them to stay connected and engaged as Roane County Schools students. As they remain enrolled full-time in Roane County Schools, all options are free-of-charge to families.


    Students who wish to engage in a traditional school experience can attend in-person. Safety measures will be in place to make school as safe as it can be for students, teachers, and support staff.


    Students who do not wish to physically attend school can still receive instruction and learning opportunities from Roane County teachers through Distance Learning. In this option, students use the Schoology platform to view materials, submit work, and receive feedback from their teachers. Work is currently underway to develop an option to provide these same materials to students who do not have home Internet access.


    Students in grades 6 - 12 can enroll full-time in the West Virginia Virtual School, which provides online courses in all required subjects and even many electives not usually available in our schools. Students enrolled in the WVVS will be assigned a Roane County teacher to serve as a mentor and advisor to ensure they are able to get help or direction when needed. Because it is an entirely online platform, enrollment in the WVVS requires a home Internet connection.


    Distance Learning is an option for PK students after revised guidance was released from WVDE. For more information, see our Pre-K Distance Learning page.

    For more information about student learning options, see our Student Learning Options summary

    To make your selection of learning option, use Form 410E.

    Safety Measures for In-Person Learning

    The safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and support staff is top priority in our plans to return to school should we resume in-person learning on September 8.

    Our return-to-school plan begins with one very important question:

    Can we safely allow all students, teachers, and support staff return to school five-days-per-week?

    To do this, we would have to ensure that students and teachers:

    Additionally, we must also ensure that bus transportation is safe for our students and bus operators given the need for so many of our students to ride the bus to school, and that our support staff have the equipment and training needed to support our schools through efficient meal services, cleaning and sanitizing of common spaces, and continuing to support our students with mental health services, guidance, and other important supports.

    If we cannot do this, or if we can only do this at limited capacity, we will adapt our plan until we can ensure that in-person learning is safe for any and all students, teachers, and support staff who participate. This may include reducing the number of students in each classroom and / or each bus each day by having some students attend certain days of the week and other students attend other days, limiting which students are permitted to attend in-person as opposed to engaging in distance learning, or other measures.

    The plan to accomplish this is linked here: